Tiffany Trump And Her Mother Marla Maples Spend Time in Mallorca

Tiffany Trump (25), the youngest daughter of president Donald Trump, is currently on holiday in Mallorca together with her mother, Marla Maples. The ladies have been spending the week adventuring around the island, visiting and staying at some of the most exclusive places in Mallorca.  So far, the glamorous jet setters have been spotted in trendy Santa Catalina, Palma old town, and Caló des Moro. Tiffany Trump is spending some quality time with her mother before returning to Georgetown Law School in the fall.


Miss Trump is enjoying summer in the sun


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The 4th child of the POTUS has been touring Europe all summer. Tiffany Trump spent time in the French Riviera in May during the Cannes Film Festival, and was recently seen partying in Mykonos last month with her billionaire boyfriend Michael Boulos. No one knows how long Tiffany Trump will stay on the island of Mallorca, but local media has already started to take notice, limiting the socialite’s low-key getaway. As a paradise island, we always have our fair share of celebrities in love with Mallorca during summer.


Tiffany Trump arrived on Tuesday

Although Tiffany has remained relatively incognito during her stay in Mallorca, her mother Marla Maples has been highly active on Instagram, sharing photos and stories of their experiences together. On Tuesday July 30, 2019, Maples shared an Instagram story with Welcome Tiff!, saying, ‘Going to meet Tiffany! I’m so excited to share this beautiful island of Mallorca with her for the first time…‘ The US president’s daughter arrived to Palma de Mallorca (PMI) airport on a private plane with her personal security squad.


Mother and daughter spend quality time in Mallorca


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Donald Trump’s ex-wife has been showing her daughter around the island, starting with drinks by the pool at the Cap Rocat hotel soon after they were reunited. Marla Maples has also posted a video on Instagram ‘sharing a little piece of heaven in Mallorca‘. The video was posted last week, when visiting the Mirador del Cañón overlooking the Islas Malgrats islets near Santa Ponsa. Rumour has it that the mother-daughter duo are looking for fun in the sun, with plans to go shopping this weekend.


Where have Tiffany Trump and Marla Maples been spotted in Mallorca?


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So far, Tiffany Trump and Marla Maples have been spotted at the exclusive Cap Rocat hotel where Michelle Obama was also seen last summer. When doing our own little detective work, we saw that Marla has also been taking her daughter around Santa Catalina in Palma and Caló des Moro near Santanyí. Trump’s ex-wife, who seems to love #organicvegan drinks also found her ‘new fav spot’ in Palma’s old town when visiting Juice Factory by Plaza de la Reina, right by the famous shopping street Paseo del Borne.


Hanging around with good friend Cat Faith


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Tiffany and her mother have been hanging around with Marla’s good friend and well-known guru Cat Faith @catlafay who reportedly spends a lot of time in Mallorca. No doubt, Cat has been helping her famous friends discover Mallorca, visiting the coolest places and breathtaking beaches. According to her Instagram bio, Marla’s boho friend is into ‘Modern Shamanism‘, hosting holistic retreats, workshops and private sessions. Indeed, Mallorca is the perfect island for retreats, like the upcoming VOGA retreat in Deià.


Discover paradise with Good Guide Mallorca


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